Answers to basic questions for new members

What is a meet or garage day anyway?

Well, it is an event for members of NW3S. It allows people with different skills to work together on their cars and projects. If a member doesn't know how to do something there are members that will help. Whether is is waxing your car or rebuilding your engine. It is also a social event to by members getting to know each other, going out to dinner, or a cruise in their cars.

So even if you don't want or need your car worked on or maintained at one of the events you can still show up and get to know people. This way when you DO need help on your car people know you personally and you will get better response! We all help each other out.

How do I get my car in the que on garage days or work clinics?

Just make sure and post in the forum thread pertaining to the particular meet/garage day/event. They are always in the MEET category of the forum. Add your name in as wanting to attend.

Can I just show up at whatever time I like?

You can but the chances of your car getting in the que is reduced by not letting people know you will attend. Also, many times the group may leave the location for lunch or dinner so you might miss us if you just show up without letting us know. It is common that first-come-first-serve rules apply regarding working on multiple cars. This is especially true of garage days that require the car be pulled inside the shop. The closer you come to arriving at the start time the better chance your car gets in right away.

Do the events get canceled ever?

Sure. Things happen. If people that have requested time or attendance fail to show by close to the beginning time (ex: start time is 10:30 ; plan on being there no later than 11:30).

So if I just show up my car will get worked on by people?

Well, not quite. We will HELP you. If you don't know how to do something on your car we will all pitch in BUT we do expect you to participate at some level and assist where you can (hey, it's your car and it's free help!). We will show you what to do and help you wherever needed for the task at hand.

Can I do something else on my car other than what is listed for the day?

Sure. Usually. As long as the time line is the same. For example, if you came to brake day and wanted to change your transmission fluid instead that'd be fine.

How do I get in touch with someone for directions or a phone number if I get lost?

You can ask in the relevant thread on the forum or PM the member that is hosting the event. We suggest doing this BEFORE the event because the members will be out with the cars or shop and usually not on the forum to respond.

Do I need to bring anything?

The only thing you need to bring would be parts or materials specific to what is being done on your car. More is in the forum threads. You do not need to bring any tools or equipment to garage or clinic days.

Some other common answers to garage days, swap meets, and other daily or Saturday meets:

Most of the time members go out to lunch and/or dinner together. Dinner is usually at a local restaurant that is reasonably priced. Time is usually between 6-9 (depending on the project and how much is finished, etc.). If you are UNDER 21 let the other members know ahead of time so they can choose a location for dinner or lunch that is not restricted to over 21 only. We'll be glad to do that for the < 21 members.

If you bring materials (example - for oil changes, parts, etc.) please plan on taking the boxes & empty garbage back with you. To have multiple people fill up a hosts garbage cans with 10,20,30 empty containers or boxes is inconvenient to the host.

That's it! Simple right?
Just show up and have fun.
Get to know the other members!
See you there!