The NW3S forum is intended to serve members of the NW3S group.
This is not a public forum.
It is for owners of 3000GT's and Stealths in the NW USA area(s).

In order to maintain the forum atmosphere as a friendly and cooperative place for everyone we have some basic rules. All NW3S members are expected to adhere to these simple concepts when using the forum.

All of our rules, procedures and membership are operated by a staff of volunteers and in a democratic arena. All members have the ability to petition the staff for rule changes, modification, allowances, etc. Either by a PM on the board to the admin or moderator, or direct email (see bottom of the page here). All decisions on deviation, changes, or infractions are handled in a democratic fashion by the staff.

  1. Members are to be courteous to others whenever posting or replying in a viewable forum. Severe foul language, inflammatory, harassing, or personally derogatory posts & comments are not expected. Especially, but not limited to, being used with malicious intent or purposely directed at another member in an open forum. Light-hearted ribbing, kidding or otherwise good natured responses are different than personal insults, attacks or turning an aforementioned good-intent post into a personal vendetta or unfriendly behavior in retaliation. Such posts may be removed without notice by any admin or moderator that feels it exceeded the threshold of decent behavior. Initiating such posts or replies are grounds for suspension or being banned from NW3S. This shall be especially true of a new member or one with a low post count. Also, the aforementioned applies to statements or posts regardless of venue.

    Note: the forum users a censor filter for certain foul language or phrases. This filter is also used to not only prevent extreme offensive comments but spamming and other inappropriate actions via Private Messaging (see rule #6 for more on spamming members). If the system filter catches any preset phrases in PMs or private forum posts the account will be flagged as spam and PMs disabled. If your PMs are disabled without notice this is likely the cause. Any account that gets multiple flags in a short timeframe will be disabled or deleted.

  2. Posts should be complete and readable. All posts should contain sufficient information to know what the post is about or provide viewers the ability to read without referring elsewhere for basic information. Posting up a link or incomplete text that requires the viewer to click a link to go to another site for complete information is not allowed and may be deleted as 'incomplete' without notice. Viewers should not have to click a link or go offsite to know the basics of your post. This is viewed as spam or just lazy posting. We are not a link farm. Links as a reference or additional information is allowed as long as it is not commerical advertising or spamming and is properly related to the post topic.

    When posting the member should make a reasonable effort to use proper english, puncutation and grammar. We aren't english teachers but neither is this a text message center. Please make an effort to have your posts legible and readable within reason. Posts that make no sense or are too difficult for the average person to read will receive a request to be edited. If not edited to be legible or reasonably readable they may be deleted without notice.

    Administrators and Moderators may delete in whole or part (ie – edit) a post or thread at any time without notice if any content is deemed detrimental or not in the best interest of the membership or NW3S forum/club in general. At times such removals or deletions will not result in any further action unless there were specific rules violated. The member may receive notification of the post deletion or edit with a brief message. Any content deemed inappropriate, detrimental, or not in the forums best interest need not violate any specific rule but instead is the personal judgement call of the administrator or moderator at the time. Right or wrong our moderators are given that authority and autonomy to manage the board. Many times they have added knowledge as to why it is not allowed or is possibly detrimental. At no time will open arguing with an admin or moderator be allowed or the content repeated after knowing it was purposely removed or partially edited out. If a member disagrees then he/she can message another moderator their concerns.

  3. Member profiles.
    Accurate and true information is expected in member profiles. Use of false or derogatory information in profiles will result in the account being removed and possibly being permanently banned. Incompletely filled in profiles may result in non-approval or removal without notice. Signatures should not be overly large, distracting, or cause slowdown to threads loading. Embedded html in signatures is not allowed. Use by other than the member themselves or giving out login details to others will result in being banned or suspended.

  4. Threads are not to be hijacked (i.e. - if a forum topic is on A then other members should not go in and change the entire discussion to B). This affords each member the best results when initiating a new topic in any of the forums. Basically - try to keep the topic posts on subject or if required start a new thread on the new topic. That way the 1st original posting member's request/comment/post doesn't get lost or ignored throughout the topic. It also helps to keep the "search" feature provide more accurate and relevant results.

    Posts that are way off topic or begin to change the direction of the original post may be deleted without notice. This does not apply to humor posts or usually off-topic posts. It also does not apply to a single post but rather a change of direction in the thread that serves no purpose as related to the original post or thread topic. If a member habitually goes off-topic on threads then he/she may receive a warning. Continued hijacking or off-topic replies may result in suspension of the ability to post.

  5. Members should keep their profile information up-to-date, especially their email address. Accounts that have an email address that begins bouncing back may result in the account being turned off until fixed. Entering false information in your profile is grounds for being banned from nw3s.

    Members are asked to not post their phone numbers or email addresses, especially in a for sale thread. This can encourage spam or release your private information unknowingly. A moderator may remove or edit out any such entries. We recommend only exchanging such personal information via a private message and only if you are sure you want that information released to the other person(s).

  6. Members shall not market, advertise or display personal business interests or 3rd party commericial business interests. This would be considered spamming the Forum. This includes posting as well as use of the Private Message feature and emailing via the Forum. This includes any form of contact or spamming whereby the media used was gained from the membership here at NW3S. Spamming members for any reason will cause the offending members account to be suspended or terminated. This will include any spamming that is in direct contrast to the interests of the NW3S community or it's members. If such actions cause any member, or the site itself, financial losses then NW3S reserves the right to enact legal action to recoup any and all such percieved losses as appropriate through legal means.

    A business exception is allowed for any commercial company or business that offers a blanket discount, cut-rate, or other "below retail" services or parts. Such arrangement must be made with NW3S officers committee approval prior to being allowed to post commercial information, advertising, or other details. Any post, link, or thread that promotes, advertises, or contains marketing for a 3rd party commericial business may be removed or editing without notice. Such arrangements are on a case-by-case basis by the site staff.

  7. Classifieds : All vehicles for sale must include the VIN number with the post. All items put up for sale must include a price. Original posts and followup posts must be made by the vehicle owner so questions and offers can be made directly to the NW3S member. Items for sale must be depicted accurately as to the sale item or value/price. Photos of items for sale must be of the actual item(s) in current condition. See the "Rules for Selling Items" announcement in the classifed category for further information. If any member disagrees with a posting they need to contact a moderator for that section. Taking matters into your own hands is frowned upon and can result in suspension or banning. For assistance PM (private message) one of the classified moderators with your questions or concerns. Member access to post in the classifieds can be revoked for just cause and without notice (seller problems, not answering inquiries to your sale, failure to abide by agreement or offers meeting your price, etc.) and may also include private messaging ability.

    To be able to sell or post in the Classified Section you must be pre-approved. To be added to the approved list you must send your personal basic information (full name, address, phone) to the admin or classified moderator/s. This information is kept private but is to protect our members in classified transactions. Information can be released in the event of a sale going bad. You also may not skirt this requirement by offering anything for sale on another thread or via PM if you are not in the approved classified members list. Accounts that have a zero post count will not be approved (you need a basic minimum post count before you can sell in the classifieds).

    For sale threads need to stay in the classified category and not posted up (as a link, reference, or otherwise) in other categories or locations of the forum. One thread for selling your item(s) is enough. Posting up multiples or references in non-classified threads to boost or sell is considered spamming because it is excessive promotion. Members are capable of looking in the classifieds without 'for sale' references in their threads or other locations.

    Ads that only reference eBay or Craigslist will be deemed spam and removed. While we realize it is easier for the seller to do this, it is not in the best interest of our members or buyers. Same with ads that reference a persons email address or phone number for 'more information' or photos. Apathetic (lazy) sellers usually don't get good responses anyway, but, here at NW3S we expect a reasonable effort to describe the item(s) for sale and show the item(s). If you need help (like posting photos) a moderator will be glad to assist you. In short - if our members are expected to click a link or email someone (thereby stepping outside the security offered by a forum relay) or similar efforts then the ad will be considered outside our classified rules. Violations will be pointed out to the seller and given the opportunity to modify. Links, phone numbers or emails will be removed by moderators in the meantime.

    Cost and pricing: SHIPPING - You should state if the price includes shipping or not. PAYPAL - Adding extra surcharges such as paypal fees is not allowed (and is against paypal policy). If you accept paypal as the method of payment then the fee is absorbed by the seller. Same as Visa, Mastercard, or other banking fees. State your asking price. If you do not want to pay seller fees for the convenience of paypal you can state your accepted methods of payment. Increasing your price for method of payment is not allowed and your ad or posting priveleges can be removed. OBO - means "Or Best Offer". If you use this term then you are technically obligated to accept the best offer received. We suggest you use this term carefully.

  8. Members should contact an administrator or the appropriate moderator if they have a complaint or concern. You can do this via the member list if either of those positions are not currently online. Continued flaming (derogatory, belittling, harassing, name calling, and general language or phrases intended to incite or cause upset to others) in a post may result in that post being locked or entirely removed. Continued behavior involving constant flaming of others, inappropriate/derogatory posts, spamming, or otherwise deemed inappropriate posting or replies may result in the member being suspended or access to the forum removed. Posting price comparisons to abother members classified or otherwise disrupting a valid sellers classified, group buy, or wtb thread is not allowed.

  9. Members are expected to participate and to post. Even if it is to say "hello!", please introduce yourself to the group. The NW3S group is very friendly and we like to have new members introduce themselves. Joining and having a post count of zero after approximately 60-90 days will subject your membership for review or probably removal. Also, not visiting the forum for 10-12 months or more will subject the profile for review or removal.

    If you do not make any posts the ability to send PMs (Private Messages) will be disabled until you do. This is to protect our members from spamming and false profiles. You must post to enable the ability to PM. You must post to have your account stay active.

  10. As a private forum members have the right to expect thier posts not to be reproduced. No posts, topics, or NW3S specific images may be duplicated or reproduced outside the forum without permission from the posting member and/or the administration. Reproduction without permission are grounds for permanent banning as well as the physical removal of your account at NW3S and all affilated websites and forums. This also is in accordance with any and all copyright laws including but not limited to local, state and federal requirements. NW3S will not monitor for copyright infringement and the responsibility is soley with the originating posting member. If the offense involves the reproduction of a members information or posts here (reproduced elsewhere without permission) then NW3S will cooperate and provide any and all information and backlogs to assist the member in good standing with prosecution of the offending party.

  11. Outside the NW Area & non-3S Membership. The NW3S forum is intended for 3S owners those that reside in the NW area (WA, OR, ID, BC). Most areas of the USA have a local forum for residents of their own area. If someone used to live in the NW and/or is personally known by the group then they may be grandfathered as a member and allowed access. Otherwise, if someone does not reside in the NW and wants to be a member then they may put forth a request to the Group Officers or Admin via email to and a waiver will be considered. Non-3S owners may be allowed (eclipse, talon, etc.) but the intent for joining NW3S must not be to solely serve outside or non-3S interests. If a non-3S owner only posts advertising or selling for non-3S interests the account will be removed.

  12. Active Promotion of Other Forums or Groups. While we encourage all 3S forums and car groups in general, NW3S does not exist to promote other sites agendas or membership. Our funding and online materials are for NW members. So while NW3S does not routinely censor out another site (3S or otherwise) we also do not allow posts (or PMs) that are sent solely to promote or advertise other sites. That would be considered advertising and is prohibited. We are not an internet billboard. This is considered 'spamming' as in #6 above. URLs as a reference to something is fine and not the same as singularly promoting a website. Anyone that uses our site/server to send messages or posts promoting or encouraging another website to other members is using our resources for another site or persons sole benefit. This is applied to the use of any contact medium (PM, text, email, etc.) whereby the information or address is obtained from the use of NW3S forum, website or any other related resource. Especially when done for the intent of the above or to circumvent the rules. The aforementioned is therefore not allowed and will result in the offending member losing priveleges or being suspended. If any such activities were done with intent to harm, cause losses, or otherwise disrupt nw3s or the northwest 3000GT/Stealth community, regardless of media used, then the offending member will be banned permanently as well as blacklisted for such behavior to any operated affilations venues.

  13. Petition to remove ban status or reinstate membership - Sometimes a member loses priveleges for a period of time in addition to warnings. Some examples: losing the ability to PM due to spamming people, posting in direct conflict of the rules purposely or trying to circumvent the intent of the rules, etc. Sometimes a member is suspended, or even banned. The most severe being banned. This can be for a finite period of time or permanent, depending upon the infraction as well as the individuals response to warnings or the suspension (i.e. - burning ones bridges). Any member that has been suspended or banned can petition to have their membership reviewed or status returned. Such petition can be emailed to the board admin with all relevant information. The request will be reviewed by no less than a staff of three senior members and/or moderators here at NW3S. The petitioning member will receive an answer or request for more information within a time not to exceed 7 days. Occassionally a special forum will be opened just for the staff and the member to discuss openly with all involved. In this way a fair and balanced decision will be reached while effectively serving the Northwest 3000GT/Stealth community as a whole and without unwarranted bias.


NW3S always strives to be impartial, fair, and of service to the 3S community here in the Northwest.
All members have the ability to volunteer for staff positions, committees, and other positions that they qualify for.
Members that follow the intent of the site rules will never have a problem and can enjoy the many benefits
brought online in one place for everyone in the northwest.

NW3S will try and inform the member via email or private message about an
infraction or complaint prior to any action being taken unless considered a severe violation
or the action is a unanimous permanent ban for malicous or disruptive activities.


Latest Revision: January 2012