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This area includes the tachometer, upper switch panel system (water, nitrous and carbon dioxide systems), Halon fire control, ignition cutoff, Electrical control of pnuematic parachute launch system, oil/coolant temps and wideband O2 meters, and intercooler temperature monitoring system.

Defi 0-9k tachometer Controls for recall and setting the tach features. Shift Light - works with the sequential shift light on left side of dash. This powers on the AEM Water / Methanol Injection system (flow meter seen to the far right). Momentary switch which when pushed feeds liquid CO2 to the front intercooler. This rapidly chills the intercooler down. This arms the N2O (nitrous oxide) system. This controls the electric valve on the N2O tank. Two position momentary to close / open the tank remotely. N2O Blanket heater system. The heater is tied into the pressure monitoring system and is fully automatic to maintain the right pressure ranges. Purges the nitrous lines. Upper switch array - mouseover each switch to see function. This is the AEM Water/Methanol Injection monitor. To see this system you can CLICK HERE to go to that page (upper left page) Electric parachute release switch. Also, light indicates it is ready and launcher is pressurized. Turn Signal and Hi-beam indicators. Intercooler temperate meter - shows temperature pre-intercooler (out of turbo) and after intercooler. Also can show temp differential across the in/out of FMIC. Used with CO2 system to monitor FMIC efficiency/temps (ie - prevent heatsoak). Warning cluster - fans, ignition, ebrake, fuel pressure, voltage, oil pressure. Shuts down the entire ignition system.Indicates that there is proper air pressure in the parachute launch system Halon fire extinguisher System, pulling floods the cabin, trunk, and engine compartment with Halon Gas. AEM 52mm Water Temp Meter. AEM 52mm Oil Temp Meter. AEM 52mm Air/Fuel meter (Wideband O2 gauge). This is part of the lower center page - CLICK HERE to go to that page.

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Additional shot of the upper controls including the fire control, parachute control, gases (CO2, N2O) and pressure gauges.

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