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This area is the left side of the steering wheel.
Launch controls (clutch switch, fuel override, anti-roll), fuel gauge and progressive shift light system.

Also seen is the TopHat style high visibility LED system (left side up by windshield). This is visual indication
for driver of hydraulic line-lock (brakes) system position such as power and lock status verification.

Launch controls below.
Clutch Safety Override, Line lock (Brake Hyd. Lock for Anti-Roll), Fuel Controller Override
Steering wheel is plugged in here to allow for Line-Lock Release at the wheel
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Launch controls - CLICK to see larger photo - these are for anti-roll control (line lock) clutch safety switch position, and fuel controller.

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This is the progressive shift light. It also performs other functions (multi-purpose array) but we just use the intelli-shift light system. These are tophat style LEDs that indicate line lock (brake lock) status to the driver for launching. One of Two 7" LCD monitors that are tied into the AEM EMS and displays pre-programmed parameters on screen. Fuel gauge for the 15 gallon fuel cell. Cooling system status lights (radiator fans, oil coolers, pumps) clutch neutral safety switch override. fuel controller override. Enables power to the line lock (anti-roll) system. Steering wheel plugs in here for line lock control switch (anti-roll) This is part of the upper center area. CLICK here to go there.Steering wheel connects here via quick release.