NW3S Racing - 3000GT
Dragon Slayer drag car - highest hp horse power single turbo 3000GT VR4 Mitsubishi

NW3S drag car / race car project - 1994 300GT VR4 fully rebuilt just for racing.


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3000GT VR-4
Drag Race Car
¼ mile)
highest horsepower single turbo 3000GT

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NW3S won 1st place in three categories at the
NWMotiv ForumFest Car Show at Pacific Raceways.

Best Paint Judges Choice

The only car to win in more than one category

What's this do?
A look inside the car and controls in detail and what each does.
Video compilation
The building of the car compressed into a few minutes.

Some frequently asked questions about the build, the naming, the cost and expenditure spreadsheet.

High Resolution Photos

Engine Photos

How many red 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 cars were ever produced?

Answer: 383

The Mitsubishi 3000GT was produced between 1991 – 1999
There were 4 models: Base, SL, VR4, VR4-Spyder.
The VR4 and Spyder (hard top convertible) models were twin turbo, AWD, AWS. They retailed between $43,000 - $75,000 depending on the factory package.

There were less than 16,000 total VR4 models ever produced and less than 900 of the VR4 Spyders produced total.
How’s that for rare?

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Here is the latest edition to the shop.
1972 Camaro
496 c.i. Engine with 8-71 Supercharger

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