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Here some dyno runs and info on the new engine and with the GTX4202R turbo we added in August. Everything performed flawlessly on the new race engine. With these numbers we are well over ~1,200 BHP. The team is pleased with the results.

We kept the timing tables very conservative. The N2O (nitrous) is turned off in all these syno sessions. Redline set down to 7,000RPM. Cam gear timing adjustments at 0/0.

Fuel used - VP Q16 leaded race gas.

Max power 822.58 AWHP
Max torque 743.14 AWTQ


Max power 911.00 AWHP
Max torque 868.22 AWTQ


Max power 914.45 AWHP
Max torque 861.23 AWTQ


AWHP = All Wheel Horsepower AWTQ = All Wheel Torque
The dyno numbers are AW because the 3000GT has an AWD drivetrain

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2012 Dyno @ 914 awhp

Numerous dyno pulls in this video ranging from 905, 911, 914 horsepower at the wheels.
Nitrous oxide turned off, fuel pressure left at base 46psi.
Turbo boost ranges in the 30psi ranges.
(30,32,34 psi respectively)

Break in of the 2012 engine on the dyno


Dyno @ 822 awhp


YouTube Channel Video
Click Here

Tuning by John Reed of
John Reed Racing

2011 Video : Slayer 3000GT on dyno at PSI

Thanks to PSI of Hillsboro Oregon
for the HD video and facilities!

Stay tuned, as we will be upping the power,
turning on the nitrous and pushing the revs more next time!

Current engine specs - click here

Dynosheets from above


914 awhp, 868 awtq



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