NW3S drag car / race car project - Mitsubishi 1994 3000GT VR4 rebuilt for racing.


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3000GT VR-4

The Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 is a unique sports car. During it's production (1991-1999) it was the most advanced sports car on the market and retailed for $49,000 - $55,000. The vehicle came stock with twin-turbos, All Wheel Steering, All Wheel Drive, electronic suspension, and much more.

The NW3S race team has taken this high-performance sports car and built a drag race car. Incorporating a custom built 3.5L stroker single turbo engine, and all custom electronics and EMS system.
Over 1,000+ BHP
(Brake Horsepower, SAE, Dyno)

This is the worlds highest horsepower single turbo 3000GT


SLAYER - 94 3000GT VR4 by the NW3S drag race team

Build Modifications
Build, parts, operating total: $163,745

Approximate in-house manhours: 3600

(Figures and specs are as of April 2011)


  • Two-tone Kandy Pearl paint job (7 layers) with Xtra-High strength clearcoat (5 layers)
  • Custom hand airbrushing
  • Carbonfiber sunroof insert
  • High deck fiberglass rear spoiler, OEM Style
  • Carbonfiber hood
  • New design front bumper,headlights system, sail panels, rear garnish


  • TEIN FLEX Adjustable Suspension
  • WELD Custom Forged Aluminum Wheels
  • Hoosier Drag Slicks


Click to see the engine specs and more
in specific detail and visual reference.


  • 3.5L V-6
  • 6G74 Crank, custom machined, Mallory internal balanced
  • Custom Ross racing pistons
  • Oliver Billet custom rods
  • Custom H13 wrist pins
  • A1 Technologies Head studs
  • Garrett GTX-4202R Turbo
  • Turbowerx Oil Scavenge Pump
  • Single turbo crossover and stainless steel headers, titanium ceramic coated
  • Dual Tial 44 Wastegates
  • FMIC with coated and full polished 3" pipes
  • Tial 50mm BOV
  • Solid Motormounts
  • Billet 11L14 Steel Oil pump gears
  • 5 inch cold air intake w/ K&N Filters
  • Ported, polished and O-ringed heads
  • Derale dual pusher fans
  • High Capacity Aluminum Radiator
  • Hardweld racing cams
  • +1mm black stainless nitride intake valves
  • +2mm stainless black nitride exhaust valves
  • Titanium valve springs retainers
  • UR polished cam gears
  • MSD 2 tower GM Ignition coils
  • MSD DIS-4 HO Ignition Controller
  • Magnecor 10mm Racing Wires
  • Polished valve covers
  • Ported and polished lower intake
  • 90mm custom upper intake
  • 90mm Throttle Body
  • 4" custom stainless steel downpipe
  • Full 4" stainless steel exhaust system
  • Aeromotive 13110 Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Aeromotive Pro-series 11102 Fuel Pump
  • Aeromotive Dual 100/40 Fuel Filters
  • Aeromotive Fuel Speed Controller
  • Setrab Fuel Cooler w/fan
  • 1000cc Injector Dynamics Saturated Fuel Injectors
  • Stainless braided -12 & -10 AN fuel lines
  • Billet hi-flow fuel rails
  • Hi-flow Setrab Oil Cooler w/ dual fan system
  • Custom Nitrous Oxide system, 10lb, Remote and Automatic Operation
  • Liquid CO2 Intercooler cooling system
  • HG 15 gallon alloy fuel cell, -12AN sump feed
  • Tilton Electric Pre-Oiler System

Mitsubishi 6G72 V-6 24v DOHC turbocharged engine. Stroked 3.5L, single turbo and output of over 1,000 horsepower.

-Roll Over with Mouse to See Engine-
Over 1,200 horsepower turbocharged engine
-Click Image for Engine Photos-






Custom 3000GT racing fuel, nitrous, and power systems by NW3S.

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-Click Image for Trunk Photos-


  • 5 speed transaxle
  • 5 speed rear end
    (changed over from the stock 6 speed)
  • Quaife Front LSD
  • Quadco XR Output Shaft
  • 25 spline Aluminum Billet Transfer Case
  • Carbonfiber driveshaft, two piece
  • Multi-disk RPS carbon/carbon clutch
  • Short shifter
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  • AEM Engine Management system
  • AEM Wideband O2 system
  • PC computer system for live parameter readouts & radio telemetry. Intel i7.
  • Parameters output system to 7" LCD screens w/ custom electronic dashboard configurations
  • Optima Redtop Battery
  • Full secondary gauge system by AEM
  • Custom switches and warning panels by Cobo International, Italy.
  • AEM Boost Controller System
  • MSD DIS-4 HO Ignition Controller
  • Ecliptech Progressive Shift Light
  • AEM Water Injection System


  • Sparco Race Seats
  • Sparco 6 point Camloc Harness
  • Safecraft 10lb Halon extinguisher system
  • Full 10 point S&W roll cage
  • Custom dash & ABS console
  • Custom steel rear firewall & artwork


  • Storm racing brake rotors with F3 Tornado 'zero-drag' Calipers by The BrakeMan
  • Stroud pneumatic parachute system and custom electric air launcher
  • Hurst Brake Lock System
  • Midland UHF two-way transceiver and telemetry system
  • Fuel - VP Q16 leaded race gas

3000gt custom electronics and NW3S engineered VR4 race cockpit.
click image for interior pics

Slayer's rear firewall, CO2 cooling tank, Halon Fire control system, and water / methanol tank and pump.
Rear showing custom firewall, CO2 and Halon tanks
(no, those aren't N20, that bottle is in the trunk)

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NW3S RACING - taking the 3000GT VR-4 to a new level!