Detailed build specifications for the NW3S drag racecar

NW3S SLAYER Drag Car, 3000GT racing
Paint and Body Engine Drivetrain Fuel System
Wheels and Brakes Electronics Suspension Fluids
Interior Comm and Fire Control Parachute Nitrous
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For those detailed questions or those just wanting to see the race car specifications in more detail we have this section. While we did not do a blow-by-blow photos or video of building the 3000GT we have put together some additional details of the different sections like engine, drivetrain, paint, electronics, brakes, fuel, parachute, nitrous, fire control system, mounting systems, electrical and more.

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The 3000GT race car build cost specification sample sheet is here. All aspects of the 3000GT VR4 build were done without cutting corners and only using the highest quality components to meet our specs and needs. Based on this there are various reasons why we chose something over what others have done before or did our own system uniquely.

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