Detailed fluid specifications for the NW3S racecar

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NW3S 3000GT Racecar
Specifications and Details
Fuel and Fluids

NW3S SLAYER Drag Car, 3000GT racing VR4
Paint and Body Engine Drivetrain Fuel System
Wheels and Brakes Electronics Suspension Fluids
Interior Comm and Fire Control Parachute Nitrous

We use Redline oils and fluids almost exclusively in our 3000GT. We find the quality second to none and performance is the best. Redline synthetic oils and lubricants

Engine Oil

30W Racing Oil

30W race oil by redline for the 3000GT race car engine oil needs

Transmission Fluid

MT-85W Gear Oil

the transaxle uses MT85 GL4 gear oil in the VR4 AWD getrag transmission.

Transfer Case

Heavy Shockproof
Gear Oil


It's heavy shockproof by redline for the 3000GT transfer case.

Rear Differential

75-90W Gear Oil

the 5 speed rear end differential uses 7590W redline synthetic gear oil.


De-ionized and distilled water
with Redline Waterwetter is
what we use in the engine cooling system.

-no antifreeze of any kind is used-

redline waterwetter for cooling system

Q16 like the C16 race fuel by VP comes in 5 gallon cans.

5 gallon lined fuel cans are very convenient.
This is what we carry in the trailer for race gasoline supply.

Q16 high octane race gas in 55 gallon drum


VP racing fuels - high octane specialty gasolines.

For high octane race fuel we use VP brand Q16. This is a leaded fuel.

We find it has all the qualities of the C16 race gasoline (117 octane) but the oxygenation really adds to it's performance. More fuel flow is needed due to the oxygenation but it is worth it.

About the only down side of this racing gas is the cost. VP fuels are considered by many to be the very best or champagne of fuels. The cost of Q16 is currently about $16-18 USD per gallon (about $85 per 5 gallon can or $950 per 55 gallon drum).

Some interesting basics on race gasoline and other race fuels HERE

The other fluids (or gases) we carry in the car are: water/methanol mix (70% water, 30% methanol) for the water injection (currently not in use due to the Q16 not needing this), CO2 (carbon dioxide) 10 lb liquid (for intercooler spray system), CO2 gas system (for parachute pneumatic launch system), and halon fas in the fire extinguisher system.

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NW3S race car fluids, oils and gasoline used.
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