Vommo and Fire System build specifications for the NW3S drag racecar

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NW3S Drag Racecar
Specifications and Details
Comm and Fire System

NW3S SLAYER Drag Car, 3000GT racing VR4
Paint and Body Engine Drivetrain Fuel System
Wheels and Brakes Electronics Suspension Fluids
Interior Comm and Fire Control Parachute Nitrous

Halon fire extinguisher tank, 10 pounds

Ten pound halon fire extinguisher tank in the rear seating area of the car.

The fire control system uses HALON and is activated by the driver if needed in a fire or crash.

There are 3 nozzles that flood the area with Halon gas to extinguish the fire. One in the engine compartment at the firewall, on on the roll bar topside in the cabin, and one in the trunk over the fuel cell.

Cabin nozzle for halon fire control

Halon dispersing nozzle secured to roll bar above the driver.

The halon fire control plumbing is all copper and secured to the chassis.

fire control system lines are copper and secured to the car tightly.


driver controls showing the fire control system too.

Here is a shot of the driver center controls upper area and you can see the fire control lever. it has a safety pin to prevent accidental discharge (10 pounds of halon is about $500). It is a physical cable release system that goes back to the bottle itself.

(For close up and larger photo just click the image)

The on-board communication system is a UHF two-way radio. The transceiver is a 40W, 99 channel Midland 450-470MHz range radio. We also use a handheld portable to communicate to the car. We operate on a private channel and can go simplex (standard) or if need be, repeater for distance.

We have plans for the engine control system telemetry via this system as well but for now have not completed the telemetry radio link up. Perhaps when we get time we will complete this software and layout.

This system has the ability to telemetry via the radio the engine system parameters up to 300 miles.

2-way UHF transceiver unit mounted behind driver seat.

40W Midland UHF transceiver trunked unit mounted behind the driver seat.

UHF shark-fin style UHF antenna on rear trunk deck of car.

UHF antenna as mounted on the trunk lid just behind the rear window.

2 way radio control head with driver helmet plugs and ptt switch




On the left is the radio control head (channel selection, volume, etc) and the driver helmet connection plugs. The PTT is the "push to talk" for driver mic.

This is just behind the shifter at the driver right hand position.

(For close up and larger photo of entire center console just click the image)

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