Detailed paint specifications for the NW3S drag racecar

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NW3S Drag Racecar
Specifications and Details
Roll Cage, Paint, Artwork, and Body

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Interior Comm and Fire Control Parachute Nitrous

We started out with a basic premise of a quality paint job and some unique lines. After several paint shops we decided on going with a local airbrush artist that had some really awesome work in the past. We discussed a basic theme and turned the artist loose.

The basic theme was medieval based. As in - armour, swords, dragon(s), and so on. Once you know that you can see the details to that effect in the artwork. The dragon in the hood, the knife-edge or sword-edge sections and so on.

We really didn't kow what to expect in the end as the work evolved. The artist (Jonathan) went forward to create the work as it progressed. We're very pleased with the results and the extrememly high quality of work. When seen in person every person is very impressed with the superb quality and perfection in the paint, art, and finish.

The body was prepped to perfection before paint and took about 1 month.

Paint used: PPG
Materials (Paint) cost: $6500

The red is a Kandy-style (semi transparent) laid over the base of bright silver and is metallic.
The hood also uses chameleon/rattlesnake specialty paint that has color changing properties in the sunlight.
All artwork is hand airbrushed.
Five coats of clearcoat protects the paint finish.

First to do before paint was to strip the car and chassis and then install the roll cage. We wanted all the welding ion the chassis for rollcage to be done before going out for paint.

We used a 10 point format for drag racing.

beginning planning for roll cage installation
rear section of NHRA roll bar install to the 3000GT side support of roll cage in the 3000gt
front support area of the roll cage in the 3000GT race car. rollcage install completed in the NW3S race car
Passenger side view of roll cage in 3000GT

Now I know why many shops charge so much to install a rollcage.
It really is a lot of physical work!

Not a lot of fun.

The stripped 94 3000GT VR-4 shell Here is the 1994 3000GT VR-4 rolling chassis as it is heading out to the paint shop. Interior, engine compartment and trunk entirely stripped. Roll cage is installed.
And as supervised by "Peanut", my doberman.

OK, so here the car is with all the dings and any small dents or imperfections all removed. The car is a black primer and is perfectly smooth, ready for paint.

To this stage here took about 1 month.

stating the paint layout
first stage of painted flames layering with airbrush
detail painting the door jambs of the 3000gt
dragon for hood preliminary artwork and sketch
Even the underside of the hood has custom airbrushing with artwork and clearcoated.

Here is the finished hood. This took the longest to do for the artist.
There are several types of paint here but can't be showin in a photo.
The rattlesnake type chameleon paint really shows in the sunlight!

To see the photos of complete paintjob and car go to the
Exterior Photo Section of the website.
High resolution photos are also available there.

rear custom firewall for the 3000gt race car front artwork and airbrushing on the rear firewall in the 3000gt racecar
This is the rear firewall (and is required by NHRA regulations). Made out of sheet metal and then painted and airbrushed.
Rear spoiler showing NW3S, paint is specialized paint that changes on angles. NW Custom Paint and Autobody.  Jonathan's paint shop in Seatac, WA.

So that's the details for the rollcage, paint job, artwork, specialty painting and the car body.

And for those that have asked - YES, the paint has held up great. From installing engine(s) to running on the track we have pretty much no scratches or dings in the paint job. The top quality clear coat we usesd is doing it's job well!

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