Drivetrain specifications for the NW3S drag racecar

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NW3S Drag Racecar
Specifications and Details

NW3S SLAYER Drag Car, 3000GT racing VR4
Paint and Body Engine Drivetrain Fuel System
Wheels and Brakes Electronics Suspension Fluids
Interior Comm and Fire Control Parachute Nitrous

The drivetrain of the car consists of the transaxle (transmission), clutch, front driveshafts, transfer case (the car is AWD), driveshaft, rear differential, and rear axles.

Not a lot of photos for this section. Sorry.

The car's original transmission (94) was a 6 speed getrag. We changed this to an older style (92) 5 speed getrag for the gear ratio being a bit more of desired for the drag race track. This also involved changing the transfer case, driveshaft, and rear differential (the whole thing) so that the gearing would match up properly.

RPS high power carbon carbon clutches

RPS Carbon-Carbon clutch system


The transmission has had some additions when rebuilt here. We added a 300M hardened output shaft. Added in a Quaife LSD (Limited Slip Differential - FRONT), and welded in a bellhousing support brace where indicated to help take the high output / horsepower.

Transfer Case

The transfer case has been changed out for a aluminum billet aftermarket case. The stock transfer case has problems holding extreme powers such as this and needs either serious bracing up or, our choice, the case replaced with a stronger one.

Front drive shafts

Kept stock.


The clutch has to hold some serious torque and deliver power exceeding 1000+ horsepower. There are not a lot of choices for a 3000GT clutch to hold that kind of power levels. We use the RPS carbon-carbon twin disc clutch system. RPS has built this for us as requested and it has been holding very well.

Carbon is the way to go (in our opinion) for power levels in the 1000+ horsepower ranges.


We use an ACPT aftermarket carbonfiber driveshaft. Not only does this make a huge difference in the weight (and rotational weight) but it also takes the added power output as needed too (stronger).

RPS turbo clutches

Rear End

The rear end is stock but we changed from a 1994 6 speed rear to a 1992 5 speed differential.

We have removed the all wheel steering components (AWS).

The rear driveshafts are aftermarket 300M hardened steel shafts. The stock ones tend to snap at high horsepower drag strip launching.

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NW3S racecar specs and details.
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