Trailer specifications for the NW3S drag racecar

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NW3S Drag Racecar
Specifications and Details
Race Trailer

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Paint and Body Engine Drivetrain Fuel System
Wheels and Brakes Electronics Suspension Fluids
Interior Comm and Fire Control Parachute Nitrous

24' Continental Race Car Trailer



AEM water injection system pump mounted to roll bar
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custom water / methanol injection control panel and monitoring plus flow gauge

The race trailer and inventory is an important part of the race car's abilities and transport.

The trailer has it's own 120v as well as 12v lighting system, complete track-style tie down system and double walled. It also has the non-slip coating on the floor and extra coating up the sides.

Total cost of the trailer with lighting and track system plus the cost of the equipment, tools and supplies inside the trailer is $23,500.

front photo of the complete 3000GT race trailer
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Front of the inside of the trailer showing tool box, air system, battery charging systems, fuel, jacks and more. On board tracking tie down system accomodates any car quickly and easily. Of course we have it setup to quickly accomodate 3000GTs!



rear and deck of the nw3s racing trailer for the 3000GT
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Rear view of inside trailer showing the tire covers on the right (to keep sun off of slicks so they don't overheat/change pressure), portable canopy on the left side behind spare tire.

race trailer supplies on left side.
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air pressure gauges for racing slicks

fluid bin on the race trailer wall plus hi-amperage portable jump battery

There's too much to list out the whole inventory such as tools and so forth. But some of the trailer shots include:

These photos show some different pressure gauges and an equalizing air pressure hose system (so both R&L tires are exactly the same), 12GA extension cords, folding chairs, 120v battery charger, fuel funnel, and the fluids bin.





The pressure gauges are critical to be accurate and in the proper range of the slicks. The racing tires are low pressure (ranging from 10-20 psi ranges).

Also shown on the right is the air compressor, trailer battery power charge system, portable air tank and tool chest.




We carry extra of all fluids and possible top off supplies (on right). Also is a 600AMP quick jump start battery system that is portable and fast if needed.

On the right you see the SUPERWINCH which is mounted in the bottom of the tool chest for getting non-rnning cars in and out of the trailer.

Left side of the race trailer wall.
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air compressor onboard, portable air tank, charging system
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superwinch - the 12v winch in the race trailer mounted in the tool chest
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trailer fire extinguisher and halogen work light and first aid kit

On the left is the on-board halon fire extinguisher, portable swing out halogen lighting, and first aid kit.

On the right is the aluminum racing jack, jack stands, fuel carrying platform area for 5 gallon cans, straps and tie downs, t-shirts, cleaning supplies, ear plugs and more.

right forward of race trailer with fuel, race jack, cleaning, shirts, straps and more

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