Detailed build specifications for the NW3S drag racecar

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NW3S Drag Racecar
Specifications and Details

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This page is for things not covered elsewhere in the build menu.
Sowhen things come up we'll place them here if they do not fall under any of the above categories.


AEM water injection system pump mounted to roll bar


The NW3S 3000GT race car has a complete AEM water / methanol injection system. At the moment we do not enable it because the fuel we are using (Q16) does not need the water injection capabilities enabled.

On the left you can see the AEM injection fluid pump (lower middle of photo).

Below you see the display panel in the position of where the glove box usually is. The control panel is a custom CNC cut aluminum plate and has the adjustment micro-potentiometers installed right into it (click image for larger view). Also are the warning lights and the AEM flowmeter for the injection system.

custom water / methanol injection control panel and monitoring plus flow gauge

closeup of adjustment controls for injection system
click to zoom in

AEM electronics

Here is another view of the water injection pump (small black pump with silver cover in lower left of photos) and the fluid tank in the uppermiddle of photo.

akternate view of the water injection pump and the fluid tank

Brake Hydraulic Lock System

We have a line lock system installed in the 3000GT race car. When enabled you press the brake pedal down and then hold the momentary switch on the steering wheel. You can leet off the brake and the pressure in the hydraulic lines remain holding the brake caliper(s) in the braked position until you let go.

Many RWD cars use this on the front brakes to do a good burnout in the burnout box. Since we are AWD we do not do burnouts.

But this also holds the car in position at the line and you can slip the clutch to take up all slack in the drivetrain without moving the car forward at all and/or breaking the beam on the line.

line-lock solenoid on firewall across from fuel pressure regulator

steering wheel control
The green button on the steering wheel
Holds the LINELOCK until released


hydraulic line-lock solenoid by Hurst.


lienlock solenoid and brake lines


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NW3S build specs and details.
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