NHRA specifications for the NW3S drag racecar

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NW3S Drag Racecar
Specifications and Details

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Paint and Body Engine Drivetrain Fuel System
Wheels and Brakes Electronics Suspension Fluids
Interior Comm and Fire Control Parachute Nitrous

Many items fabricated, added onto, or designed on the NW3S 3000GT VR-4 race car have taken the current NHRA rules for drag racing into account.

From window safety net, rollcage with SFI approved padding, SFI approved race seat, SFI approved 6 point safety harness, rear power shut off, fire system, fuel cell installation, parachute system, even what lugnuts to use.

So when wondering 'why that item' or seeing something that might not seem "needed", one must consider the rulebook. Also remember the break points where the rules change substantially. Such as anything quicker than the 9.99 and/or faster than 135mph trap. Example: rollcage padding. You cannot use stuff made for a jeep or open cell foam like those kids noodles. The padding must be SFI approved. Same for the seat, harnesses, clothing, helmet, and so forth.

We have tried to follow the NHRA specification and rulebook as close as possible where ever it might prove applicable. Of course all the rules are subject to whatever the specific racetrack says goes. While some tracks in the USA are a bit slack in enforcing the rules, the tracks in the Pacific Northwest enforce them to a fairly high degree.

The rulebook is available each year from the NHRA
Don't build a race car with this reference!



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NW3S 3000GT build specs and details.
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