Photo gallery of the NW3S Drag car - Slayer.


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NW3S SLAYER Drag Car, 3000GT racing VR4
Interior &

All interior work done in-house

We decided on ABS as our material as it affords a fast
change-over and easy modifications.

Electronics includes:

  • AEM EMS system
  • Custom built PC computer for live parameter readouts & radio telemetry
  • Parameters output to 7" LCD screens w/ custom electronic dashboard configurations
  • Full secondary Digital gauge system by AEM
  • Complete Water/Methanol Injection system by AEM
  • Custom power distribution & fuse circuit panel
    Electronic Parachute Controls
  • MSD DIS-4 HO Ignition Controller
    Midland UHF high-power transceiver system
  • Custom switches and warning panels by Cobo International, Italy
    Sparco Race Seat
    Sparco 6 point Harnesses
    Safecraft 10lb Halon extinguisher system
    Cryo 10lb CO2 cooling system (by DEI)
    Full 10 point S&W roll cage
  • Custom CNC anodized aluminum panels by FrontPanel Express.
More details and specific information at the BUILD SECTION of the website
in the interior and the electronics section

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We replaced the Greddy Warning meters with all AEM digital at the end of 2010. We also swapped in an intercooler in/out/diff temp digital meter too. Beginning in 2011 we installed all custom CNC control panels.

Panels created by FrontPanel Express, Seattle, WA.

Top row (below switch bank 1) - Intercooler temps measuring in, out, and differential (efficiency), Warning light banks to the right of that.

Next row, AEM - Coolant Temp, Oil Temp, WB A/F

Lower top, AEM - Fuel Pressure, EGT
Lower bottom, AEM - Oil Pressure, Boost Pressure
Lower far right - Nitrous Pressure

NOTE: To visualize on screen what each control is or does you can go to the WHAT IS IT page for specific info upon hovering your mouse. CLICK HERE to see those images.

Electronics in the NW3S 3000GT VR4 Race Car cockpit.


Full view of racecar cab controls from rear.



Drivers side view 3 w/o steering wheel.

lower race controls and gauges for ignition, fuel pump and fan controls, monitoring pressures.




Right side of cab showing AEM water and methanol injection monitoring system and 12vdc monitoring. Custom 12vdc fuse and distribution buss at the bottom area of cockpit.



Upper center showing DEFI tachometer, top gases switches (CO2 and H2O injection) N20 (nitrous oxide) controls. Left area is parachute launch controls, air system launch indicators and the Halon Fire release system.

cockpit center console with uhf radio comm controls, preoiling and pump override controls, starter switch.


driver area view 1


lower ignition and fan controls


rear passenger side showing CO2 tank(s) and Halon system plus water/methanol injection pump and tank. Smaller CO2 tank for pnuematics (behind B post).


12vdc power monitoring and AEM water / methanol injection system.


Go to the "what is it" pages to see descriptions of all in-cab controls and system.


REAR FIREWALL (AirBrushing by Jonathan)


Rear Firewall top portion. Custom airbrushed rear steel firewall


closeup of the firewall airbursh art.

More details and specifications on the controls and interior
can be found at the BUILD SECTION of
the website.


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