Photo gallery of the NW3S Drag car - trunk and rear areas.


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NW3S SLAYER Drag Car, 3000GT racing VR4


Trunk top cover (part of the rear firewall system)


View of trunk showing battery system, shore charger, fuel cell, fuel cooler, nitrous tank and system.
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15 gallon AL fuel cell, 10 pound N20 (nitrous oxide) tank with heater and remote control heads, rollover valve.


battery box (optima redtop), forklift style quick jump connection
trunk area showing the high amperage fuses and on board battery conditioner. rollover lines and shutoff, Setrab fuel cooler with fan on return lines.
rear emergency power shutoff Fuel cell, bottom view of prefilter (pre-pump) from -12AN line, and -10 drain line.

onboard custom PC


UHF radio for communications
radio antenna on trunk lid Rear area showing the AEM water / methanol injection system tank, 200psi pump, CO2 tank (for FMIC liquid cooling), halon tank (for fire extinguisher system). Custom painted rear firewall.
The AEM water injection (water + methanol) tank mount and hi pressure pump. Liquid CO2 tank. Also the small air tank for parachute launch systems. parachute launcher humphrey switch in trunk area.




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