NW3S RACING custom 3000GT VR4 drag race car.

NW3S drag car / race car - SLAYER


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Origination of the theme and name of SLAYER

Surprisingly we get asked often where the name 'slayer' came from in relation to our 3000GT VR4.

It is based upon a medieval "dragon slayer" concept which matches the intricate details of the hand airbrushed artwork.

Some things on a drag race car evolve over time and this paint job is no exception. Where we started and where we ended are very far apart in many ways. Once the decision was made to do some custom airbrushing the project started with a basic theme. We settled on the theme being: medieval. From there were many drafts of dragons, knights, armor, swords, fire-breathing, and so forth. Eventually evolving from medieval to a more detailed concept: dragon SLAYER.

Once the concept was settled the 3000GT went to the artist (Jonathan at GraphFX) for rendering as he envisioned it. True artists need some latitude!

The theme style and how it is displayed on the car is very hard to see online in photos. In person the details related to this theme are much easier to see. This is also true of the rich nature of the Kandy specialty paint.

The car has a dragon on the hood which is clawing its way up and through the hood of the car. The fire is coming from the dragon and blowing back around the car. The specialty paint changes the viewpoint and details as angles change on the dragon itself.

Many of the art lines on the car are the blades of a knights rusty sword. And some of the lettering is clawed / scratched into the paint by the dragon. The name on the side is hammered metal just like a knight's armor.

So thats the origination of the paint theme and the name. Makes more sense now eh?

. NW3S 3000GT Racing - Hood of Slayer showing the dragon.

NW3S's 3000GT VR4 Racecar sideview showing hammered metal,flames slayer in the kandy custom paint job.

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