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This area has the pressure meters (52mm AEM), EGT, ignition controls, fuel pump enable, and fan / cooling system overrides.

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lower meters and switch panel

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AEM 52mm - Fuel Pressure Meter AEM 52mm - EGT (exhaust gas temperature) Meter Nitrous oxide pressure - reads the pressure in the N2O tank and lines. AEM 52mm - Oil Pressure meter. AEM 52mm - Vacuum and Boost gauge. -30psi to +50psi Ignition #1 - enables basic 12v operation (switch position 1) Ignition #2 - full on position, ready to start. Turns on the Aeromotive fuel pump. Overrides the temperature control for fuel cooler fan. Overrides the temperature control for oil cooler fan. Overrides the temperature control for radiator fan.