NW3S 3000GT Drag race car at Pacific Raceway in Kent 2010.


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PHOTOS - Race Track
NW3S SLAYER Drag Car, 3000GT racing VR4



  • Last day of the season at Pacific Raceways in Kent, WA
    (October, 2010)

We barely made it to the track on the last day of 2010. It was an aswesome sunny day!
We don't have much photo-wise as we were very busy. The car performed well and we had no mechanical problems.
We do not have any times to post as we were not going for times on the very first day the car saw the racetrack.

Check us out in the 2011 racetrack photos just as soon as they are up!

NW3S 3000GT race car at the line,

Test N Tune at Pacific Raceway in 2010

coming up to the line at Pacific Raceway dragstrip in 2010

Northwest 3S racing 3000GT at the dragstrip in 2010.

NW3S VR4 headin down the 1/4 miles track at Pacific Raceway in Kent, WA.

Maiden shakedown run at pacific of the northwest 3S Vr4 racecar.

Our 3000GT VR-4 at the 1/4 mile dragstrip

GO! NW3S 3000GT getting the jump at the 10-2010 test n tune!

It was a really great day for the end of October in Kent, WA at Pacific Raceways.
Driver reaction time on all runs averaged .007 - .008 second.

We had a hard time on launch with spooling up of the turbo as well as too much grab on the tires.
We anticipate having everything learned at the 2010 Test N Tune all taken care of and adjusted for 2011.


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