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This is the voltage center for monitoring the 12vdc system of the car (Left Side)
and gives a fast visual status of the electrical system.
The Right side is the AEM Water/Methanol Injection system and monitor.

The monitoring array below has the flowmeter and indicator lights
plus the progressive controller settings through the front panel.
The tank and AEM 200psi pump assembly are in the rear passenger area.

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12vdc voltage monitoring area or the race car.

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Indicates that the rear power shutoff is in the ON position when lit. When light is off there is zero voltage to the entire car. Indicates that the main 150A breaker is functional. Indicates that the 80A internal control solenoid is engaged to feed + array busses. Water/methanol Injection flow meter and controllerAEM H2O/Methanol injection system on indicator indicator for water injection error status visual warning for the AEM water methanol injection system setting screws for the AEM Water methanol Injection System controller MSD Ignition box Main power circuit and distribution fuse panel AEM 52mm Voltage Meter - to monitor in-cab electronics system voltage.