Photo gallery of the NW3S Drag car - Slayer.


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NW3S SLAYER Drag Car, 3000GT racing VR4


  • Here are some miscellaneous photos of all aspects of the car.
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  • We add random and miscellaneous photos here all the time. Sometimes just as a placeholder for showing
    something specific or upon request.

Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 turbocharged V6
converted from twin turbo to single turbo

3.5L Turbocharged 6G72 Stroker
Bored and Stroked turbocharged Mitsubishi 6G72 V6 engine.
Showing polished front valve cover, Garrett GTX 4202R output with DEI heat wrap,
Dual pass radiator with polished air dam / cover, and titanium ceramic coated headers


Hurst line lock solenoid on firewall, AEM FPR
Front firewall showing brake lock solenoid, aeromotive FPR, rear bank titanium ceramic headers

Aluminum Fuel cell and Nitrous Oxide tank in trunk.
Fuel cell for VP Q16 race gas
10 lb nitrous oxide tank with automatic heater,
electric shutoff and open, pressure monitored system

AL battery box in trunk, jumpstart FL connector
3000GT trunk area showing battery box and the FL jump start connector for fast high amperage delivery

Battery conditioner system, high amp fuses, AEM voltmeter
Trunk again showing the AEM voltmeter automatic battery conditioner, high amperage fuse systems (for radiator fans and fuel pump)

Trunk lid of the 3000GT VR4 Racecar showing camera mount on rear firewall deck
Rear trunk deck / firewall and showing video camera mount on firewall deck.

Engine firewall showing AEM FPR, AEM sensoros, Hurst Brake Lock Solenoid, etc.
Front firewall, brake lock solenoid (Hurst), Aeromotive FPR,
AEM sensors, return fuel lines with full DEI heat protection.

Nitrous solenoid control taps, AEM boost solenoid
Nitrous oxide (N2O) taps and solenoid tie-ins with
AEM boost control solenoid.

Trunk, Battery, AEM Voltmeter, Roll-over fuel line and shutoff valve, Setrab fuel cooler system on race fuel return line.
Battery box with AEM Voltmeter.
Roll over line with shut off valve.
Race fuel return line with Setrab cooler system.

Custom PC (computer) made for Slayer that works with the EMS and also transmits wifi engine data.
Custom built PC computer that integrates into the AEM EMS system and outputs to multi-function touch screens for parameter monitoring.
Also WIFI transmit system for engine systems and performance.

High power Midland UHF transceiver for radio communications
Radio transceiver for 2-way comm system.
Hi powered Midland UHF Multichannel.

Shows main intake, Tial BOV, coolant overflow tank, Liquid CO2 solenoid, Turbo output pipe, MSD ignition coils.
Intake, turbo output with DEI heat wrapped polished 3" aluminum.
CO2 cooling solenoid (for liquid Carbon Dioxide), coolant overflow tank, MSD ignition coils.

Rear cab area - CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) liquid system tank for FMIX cooling, and Halon fire system tank.
DEI liquid CO2 cooling system tank (for FMIC) and Halon fire control system tank.

Garrett GTX 4202 Ball Bearing turbo, heat protection turbo and pipe wrap by DEI
Shot of the 3000GT's Garrett GTX-4202-R turbo wrapped in a custom made DEI heat blanket.

Main brake master cylinder with custom lines for the hurst line lock system
The 3000GTs master brake cylinder with custom lines
for anti-roll control system.

Fan control interface for high powered radiator fans, oil cooler fans and scavenger pump, tuning indicator LEDs.
Relays and fuse network for the high amperage
radiator fans, oil cooler fans, and turbo scavenger pump.
Indicator LEDs assist in tuning functions.

Special ordered UHF antenna for the high powered radio comm system.
Custom UHF antenna for the transceiver system
(car communication)

Rear spoiler showing NW3S, paint is specialized paint that changes on angles.
Rear spoiler showing specialty paint applied
(hard to show in photo but it has changing properties in changing conditions)

Undersside of racing fuel cell showing prefilter out on -12AN line and main drain line.
Fuel cell for the Q16 VP Race gasoline. Underside of cell
shows -12AN output to prefilter and also drain line.

Main electrical shutoff for entire car.
Master electrical shutoff for entire car

Fuel rails and injectors. EK2 rails and Injector Dynamic high impedance 1000cc injectors
The 3000GT VR4's front fuel delievery.
Showing EK2 performance rail, Injector Dynamic (ID) high impendance injectors.

Driver controls for clutch safety override, line lock brake locking system enable and hold (on wheel), Aeromotive fuel pump controller override, fuel level and cooling system indicator lights
Driver controls on left side of steering wheel
features clutch safety over-ride, line lock (brake lock, anti-roll) enable, fuel pump speed controller over-ride, and linelock plug in for steering wheel.
On top is fuel gauge and cooling system ID lamps.

Rear passenger side showing liquid CO2 tank, by DEI, Halon Fire system, and the AEM water Methanol system (pump and tank)
AEM Water & Methanol system - 200psi pump, water/methanol 1 gallon tank.
Also shown is DEI CO2 tank and Halon tank.

Tophat LEDs for driver only - left corner windshield, for line/brake lock system power and enable, also progrssive shift light in roll bar pillar
These tophat style high output LEDs in the corner notify the driver of the anti-roll brake lock system status.

Rear Firewall area with DEO CO2 cooling system, AEM Water / Methanol tank
AEM Water methanol injection system tank.
Carbon Dioxide 10lb tank
Halon fire extinguisher system tank

Here are some shots from May 2011

parachute release handle and pneumatic actuator system.

New for 2011-pneumatic parachute air launch system. This is the manual override handle and the air actuator for releasing the parachute rip cord.

Parachute Air launcher switch for pressurizing system.

This is the 'humphrey switch' that is used to pre-pressurize the parachute air launcher. Once it is pressurized it will launch with 125+ psi out the back. A high visibility LED is also lit in rear (in trunk keuy position) by chute when pressurized.

Rear license plate CNCd and engraved for parachute system and air controls.

Custom CNCd 'license plate' by NW3S Racing. Cable is the parachute rip cord cable. Air for the launch is plugged in to the fitting on the right.

Custom CNCd license plate

Another view of the rear custom plate.
It is 5mm aluminum, powdercoated, engraved and
paint infilled.

CNCd build plate by NW3S

The NW3S "build plate"
(for fun!)

Parachute air system tank.

This shows the small CO2/Air tank that is used for the parachute launcher system. It feeds air to the air actuator (to pull rip cord) and also pressurizes the air launcher in the back (that holds the actual parachute).

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